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Our Participants

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Advanced Thermoplastic Composites, LLC
Post Falls, ID

ATC pioneered the adoption of continuous fiber thermoplastic composites in aero-structures. We have focused on providing high performance composite parts to aerospace requirements at high rates while reducing costs through rapid forming, high volumes, and lean principles.  ATC supplies more than one million parts per year. ATC is a leader in implementing disruptive technologies. ATC manufactures structural parts cost-effectively in size and scale not previously achieved, such as stamp forming and continuous compression molding thermoplastic parts manufacturing.

Continuous Composites
Coeur d’Alene, ID

Continuous Composites is a rapidly growing startup with a premier manufacturing technology, Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®). Owning the earliest granted patents in the world on printing with continuous fibers, CF3D® combines the power of composite materials with rapid curing resins to create a moldless, out-of-autoclave manufacturing process using both structural and functional fibers. This revolutionary company is closely collaborating with industry leaders and end-users to develop software, hardware and material solutions specific to customer applications.

Core Parts, LLC
Plainfield, IN

Core Parts has Over 100 years combined experience with design, manufacturing, quality and FAA PMA approvals for turbine engine components. We provide significant cost savings compared to OEM suppliers while maintaining stringent quality requirements. We have the proven ability to provide parts support for programs that are no longer supported by the OEM.

Currently, LLC
Charlotte, NC

Currently, LLC is bringing to the market a new class of current sensors that will dramatically improve the efficiency and reduce the size of power converters in all electrical systems. This class of current sensors also enables faster surge protection and tighter control systems. The sensor can be adapted for various current ranges and other operating conditions from portable devices to the smart grid.

Fabric8Labs, Inc
San Diego, CA

Fabric8Labs’ patented Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM) process produces metal parts at the atomic level and eliminates the need for expensive metal powders, vacuum chambers, and lasers. Bring the cost of metal additive manufacturing within reach for a much broader market while meeting or exceeding the state of the art in print resolution, print speed, and print quality.

Lux Semiconductors
Albany, NY

Lux Semiconductors is an advanced materials and electronics startup developing novel solutions for the emerging IoT market. Leveraging a breakthrough in thin-film semiconductor crystal growth, Lux is creating an entirely new class of flexible semiconductors to serve as a next generation material platform for highly integrated and flexible electronics.

Maher Advanced Manufacturing
Greenville, SC

Maher & Associates LLC was founded in Baltimore, MD in September 2016 to provide expertise in advanced materials and manufacturing. Originally, Maher & Associates was formed as a consulting agency to provide clients insight, analysis, and evaluations into innovative materials and processes. Over time and with multiple success stories in assisting clients with programs based upon composite materials, Maher & Associates decided to spin out a manufacturing arm. In 2018, Maher Advanced Manufacturing was created in Greenville, South Carolina to focus on research and development of novel composite materials as well as the production of these materials.

Torrance, California

For connected devices and users that need internet access around the globe, Mimyr is a new-space system developer that guarantees reliable, cost-effective connectivity regardless of conditions. Unlike traditional space companies, Mimyr provides capabilities that “just work” and aims to find the best possible solution for a customer, even if it doesn’t come from us.

Steelhead Composites Inc.
Golden, CO

Steelhead is an engineering and manufacturing company with full service, in house design, testing, prototyping and production of composite pressure vessels, hydrogen storage, seamless metal cylinders, composite structures and pressurant tanks with iso 9001 and as9100 quality management systems and iso 14001 environmental system.

Technical Directions Inc.
Ortonville, MI

TDI is a small business specializing in small, low-cost turbine engine systems in support of attritable and expendable air vehicles. TDI engines are designed specifically to address the growing demand for engines in support of long-range decoys and ground attack missiles in the 30-200 pounds-force thrust class, where cost is a primary consideration. TDI’s family of four small mil-spec turbine engines and corollary Technical Readiness Level (TRL) includes; TDI-J45 (at TRL-7), TDI-J5 (at TRL-3), TDI-J7 (at TRL-6), and TDI-J85 (at TRL-6). Each of these TDI engines effectively bridges the gap between large turbine engine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the engines powering many of today’s deployed UAS vehicles. Adjacent markets for TDI engines are UAS vehicles and forward deployed power generation. TDI has embraced the current state-of-the-art performance level in the straightforward engine architecture and focused our “technology” development in a low-cost solution, commensurate with the attritable and expendable vehicle concepts.

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2020 Cohort

Coming soon, 2020 Cohort!

2020 Cohort

Coming soon, 2020 Cohort!


Checkout the 2019 Cohort to see what they are up to and what these companies had to say about the program.

Stats from Demo Day 2019

An infographic of 2019 stats from demo day
  • I feel like this program should be required for every SBIR awardee. It helps the process in so many ways.

    Arete Associates
  • This experience was from a totally different mindset to what would normally be done on a 'traditional' SBIR effort. Starting from the compressed period of performance to the final demo day it made us hit the ground running and really focus on the customers.

  • This innovative new way of approaching SBIRs was immensely beneficial to our company. Not only did the accelerator set us up for success on this specific SBIR topic, but it helped our company grow. We took advantage of the numerous services you provided… Your guidance helped us to really focus on how to present our message and shaped how we market both commercially and to the Department of Defense.

    361 Interactive
  • This accelerator forced me well outside my comfort zone in many ways. It made me feel much more comfortable with skills that are crucial for building a business.


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