Meet the Applicants

Meet the Applicants

New T3 Transition Accelerator Dates Coming Soon

In 2020, the T3 Transition Accelerator met the challenge of COVID-19 head on. Instead of an in-person curriculum and showcase, we linked up with Launch Dayton to combine the 2020 Dayton Startup Week audience with our T3 Transition Accelerator Demonstration Day! Our audience spent the morning with defense-aligned entrepreneurs and the afternoon hearing from our accelerator cohort participants. As COVID-19 forced the accelerator to move to a 100% virtual offering, the accomplishments and growth of these participating companies were all the more impressive. Click below to see what they learned and how much they overcame, in an effort to bring exceptional technology to the Air Force and the world.

Why Should I Attend?

This T3 Transition Accelerator is an important component within the acquisition ecosystem of the United States Air Force and aims to reduce start-up barriers for small businesses working with the government. The Air Force is serious about attracting talented start-ups with warfighter solutions and contributing angel-investment-like funding to get these technologies to the warfighter faster. The Demonstration Day showcases those technologies and provide networking between funders, investors, buyers and experts.

Who Should Attend?

The Demonstration Day is open to the public and free to attend. Registration is required. Our typical audience includes investors, economic developers, defense organizations, materials scientists, engineers and multi-service military buyers.

How Were Applicants Chosen?

Applicants were selected through a rigorous process via the F6S accelerator platform.

Additional Background

This T3 Transition Accelerator uses a fresh approach to expedite the traditional Small Business Innovation Research (“SBIR”) application, award, and execution process by aligning with a technology topic of interest to the Air Force. At the end of this T3 Transition Accelerator, participants are prepared to apply for a SBIR award with the confidence of developing their technologies and business strategies with this Air Force technology need in mind throughout the T3 Transition Accelerator curriculum. While any small business can apply for Air Force SBIR awards, the participants in this T3 Transition Accelerator will be uniquely prepared with well-developed business models, advanced pitch strategies, and a deeper understanding of government acquisition processes.

Instructions & Requirements

Companies applying for this Accelerator must provide a W9 and proof of citizenship. Participation requires a minimum of two individuals per company, including a member capable of making high-level business decisions for the company. Further, these same two individuals must attend each onsite session, regardless of what other team members may attend.

Once the T3 Transition Accelerator opens for the next cohort, the general application process is as follows:

  • Submit one application per technology
  • Attend live Q&A Session for all applicants or potential applicants. An FAQ section will be available on the website for applicants’ reference.
  • The T3 Transition Accelerator team spends 2 weeks reviewing applications, conducting additional interviews, and making selections
  • The T3 Transition Accelerator team will notify selected companies of their acceptance

Once selected, the companies will receive a predetermined stipend to cover travel and other expenses associated with the T3 Transition Accelerator and final Demo Day. This stipend is not a grant for general business expenses and is in consideration for full participation in the T3 Transition Accelerator. To encourage meaningful engagement throughout the T3 Transition Accelerator, companies will receive half of the stipend prior to the T3 Transition Accelerator and half after Demo Day participation.

Application Process

Check back here for updated information on application details for the next T3 Transition Accelerator.

Application Preview

Thanks for your interest in the T3 Transition Accelerator! During selection, the T3 Transition Accelerator emphasizes technology relevance , team competence, and commercial potential. When formulating your company’s answers, keep these in mind.

Typical application/company information is requested, but below are additional questions the application asks.

1. Check all that apply to your company:

  • A small business with 500 or fewer employees
  • Independently owned and operated and organized for profit
  • Must have its principal place of business in the United States
  • At least 51% owned by U.S. citizens or lawfully admitted permanent
    resident aliens

2. Indicate if the company or its members have received prior US government Small Business Innovation Research (“SBIR”) contracts:

  • Yes
  • No

3. Indicate if the company or its members have participated in any other accelerators, incubators, or similar programs.

4. In one paragraph of 280 words or less, explain what the company hopes to achieve with the T3 Transition Accelerator and how the company or its technology is uniquely qualified to address the selected topic.

5. Define the readiness level of the technology/idea.

Finally, you must upload a compelling Pitch Deck (limited to 15 slides). Below are the things we are looking for in your pitch deck:

  • What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • What is the advantage of your company’s solution?
  • Why do you think you’re the right company to provide this solution?
  • Business strategy
  • Team expertise
  • Funding/revenue stream
  • Solvency
  • Existing customers
  • Market orientation (military? commercial?)
  • How would you describe your solution’s maturity level?

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